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Looking for an online running coach? Are you a first-timer, returning or older runner, or planning to advance into uncharted distances? Maybe you’ve just hit a big plateau in your training? If so, I invite you to read on. As an experienced and established online run coach, I can help get you started from the comfort of your own home with a custom training program tailored just for you.. Online run coaching can help you to stay on track, explore your potential, and ultimately… to help you reach that allusive goal or near-forgotten dream run.

Remember… it’s not just about the miles…

Coaching Can Make A Difference

As a Certified Endurance Running Coach and an active older adult runner myself; I am uniquely equipped and experienced to guide your online coaching & training to help you reach your goals; Helping you side step the usual pitfalls distance runners are confronted with: lack of progress, injuries, over-reaching, and over-training. Having a personal online run coach manage your training can make a difference.

  • Experienced long term development & training for all age groups;

  • Providing guidance for beginners on how to get started with running regardless of age;

  • Specializing in working with older runners;

  • Training plan custom tailored to you, your capabilities, and your objectives;

  • Providing guidance and comprehensive training programs for runners wanting to move up in distance to the half marathon, full marathon or into trail and ultrarunning;

  • For older experienced runners, we can look at improving and/or mitigate the performance decline;

  • Providing motivation and inspiration;

  • Improve your confidence and self esteem;
  • Providing you with someone to be held accountable to for adherence to your training;

  • Establishing realistic training & racing goals;

  • Making the most of your limited training time;

  • Crafting your short-term and long term training plans;

  • Provide you with training & preparation for a distance specific event or charity run, such as a 5k, half-marathon/ marathon, and ultra endurance runs;
  • Guidance on controlling your weight with running;

  • Increase your fitness level;

  • Improving your running performance;

  • Improving your efficiency (running economy);

  • Helping you make the transition to new distances and running environs;

  • Help you minimize your risk of injuries;

  • Minimize the risks of overtraining;

  • Help you manage the stresses of training & planning.


Taking It To The Next Level

I work with runners of all levels and ages who are looking to take their running to the next level.  I love the challenge of helping runners improve while staying healthy and uninjured.

I especially enjoy working with the older adult novice who may be completely new to distance and endurance running with little or no experience. Many of my clients seek help in overcoming a plateau in their training and progress, while some seek assistance in preparing for a specific event or new personal best time or place.

Experienced & Knowledgeable

Regardless of your motivations and goals, having an experienced and knowledgeable online run coach providing you with guidance along the way is a step in the right direction toward getting started on the right foot with a proper foundation.

A Proper Foundation

With a proper foundation, your running will likely be a better, more enjoyable experience for you, with fewer injuries and improved longevity in the sport. My long-term approach to training is predicated on building a professional bond of understanding with you, while providing guidance and support. It’s my hope that for many of my clients, running may become and/or remain a life-long endeavor and shared passion.

Coaching As Art & Science

The coaching of distance runners is as much an art as it is science. Each runner is unique in their ability to adapt, both physically and psychologically to different training loads and modalities. Consequently, each runner responds uniquely to any given workout.

Every Runner is Unique

I recognize that the very same uniqueness each runner exhibits in training should also relate to the all-important post-workout recovery protocols and time frames. This is especially true and critical for older adult runners and beginners. Training for a runner is a dynamic and ever changing process, requiring adaptations on the part of both athlete and coach alike.

No Shortcuts

There is no optimal formula, shortcut, or secret program that works for everyone. This is where the “art” of coaching comes into play, oftentimes with some degree of trial and error necessary to discover what does or doesn’t work for you. This is why a trusting, honest, and collaborative coaching style is so important to your long-term progress and success. Open, two-way feedback and regular communication between coach and runner is the cornerstone of my coaching.


As an online run coach, it’s not only important for me to ask a lot of questions, but also to listen carefully to the answers. I am also a strong believer in runners becoming students of their sport, through encouragement, education and experience.

“It’s Not Just About The Miles”

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